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tv   [untitled]    June 2, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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>> okay, good morning and a call to order the meeting of san francisco county transportation authority. scott wiener the chair of the authority. i want to thank sfgtv for brad casting the meeting [inaudible] mr. clerk can you call the roll >> roll call. commissioner avalos, present. breed, present. compose, present. christensen, present.
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cohen, present. farrell, absent. kim, absent. mar, present. tang, present. wiener, present. yee, present. we have a quarm >> item 2 >> approve the minutes of april 28 meeting >> are there comments questions or change tooz hoominutes? seeing none is there public comment on item 2? public comment is closed and do we need a roll call on item 2 >> yes >> item 2 avalos, aye. breed,ier. compose, aye. christensen, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, absent, kim, ansent. mar, aye. tang,
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aye wiener aye. yee, aye. the item passes >> okay,ite nl number 3 >> chairs report, this is a information item >> colleagues this month we had money transportation events and mile stones. last week mayor lee and a number of members of the authority participated with record number thofz public in the 21 annual bike the work day which is funded with prop k sales tax dollars. [inaudible] showed bikes accounted for 76 percent of all inbound traffic on market street between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m. many culleges joined mayor lee and san francisco bike coalition at city hall and their own executive director [inaudible] saent
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photo showing [inaudible] this week as well the central subway project celebrated a mile stone. the contractor for 1.4 mile twin tunnels for the pauject completed work. the final element of the contract including 5 crass passagess and head walk [inaudible] and construction pit. the photo's looked great. at a total cost of 251 million there work was completed on schedule and within budget. work on the stations continues with revenue service anticipated for december of 2018. congratulations to mta and entire project team. i would also like to take a few moments to recognize the [inaudible] authority staff who will be retiring next month after 16 years to the service to the agency. as you all know lee is deputy director for capital
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projects and during thiz tenure made many many sig contributions to the agency and city of san francisco and the region and improving transportation for everyone. i bow i speak for everyone at the ta and for many people at other city agencies when i say lee will be very very missed once he retires, but i know he won't go far. under lees leadership the transportation authority went under many firsts [inaudible] he led the vamue for money study or business case for [inaudible] doil droiv [inaudible] the first and only p 3 on the state high way system in cl and to the yurba brena island and folsom ramps project lee led the efforts to become a
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builder of capital projeblths, a process that involves technical no how and vision and level headedness to deal with the obstuicals and meet execitations. lee is the rare individual that possesses [inaudible] congrat ylshzs on your many achievements within the agency. we are very grateful for your service and wish you the very best in your retirement and i don't know-why don't you add a few words and if any other colleagues would like to make comment you welcome >> thank you, that was well said and want to add a few comment working with lee for a decade. during that time lee has show unwavering dedication to his job. lee contributed to so many project that will have a lasting impact on the city but before i describe the
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achievement yz have to underscore how lucky we were to have him on our team. slee air force officer and flown commercial jets and owned his own business. for 16 years he dhees serve the transportation authority and the city of san francisco out of desire to serve the public. his work sthon blended concept of high speed rail was a key contribution to breaking through to achieve regional consensus on that project and reduce the over all cost of the system in the long run. it is also indick tiv thof type oof creative thinking and grounding [inaudible] political feasible that is a hal mark of lees work. on doys drive lee showed patient purser veerns and skill. he did this in part by lead thg
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planning phase as chair wiener indicated and finishish ulthe second half of the project in 2 weeks time on schedule qu on budget. lee's work on doil drive represents the future of big infrastructure projects in the state and across the nation. it is considered one of the namsh models of project dplirfby they ratrying to groumpt on yurba brena island lee set up [inaudible] this is the first serving as a agency for construction project. lee helped stay on budget and on time for that project as well. the projeblth lides to on and off ramps and supports cal trans ramp work on the other side of the island as well as treasure island [inaudible] so far that project is uneventful, a good thing in the construction world. lee also contributed to the folsom street
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[inaudible] complete in july. there are other sides to lee as well, she mentor and resource to the staff and aensh and across otheragys and he is the reason we attracted great capital staff. he models nob nub and exercising techinal judgment in wise ways. lee is universely reect spected and sought after in the field. for so many reasons lee we'll miss you. thank you for all you have done for the transportation authority and all you have done for the city. with that i think we have a special resolution for you or certificate >> for formalities, if you can call item 9 as well >> item 9 recognize lee saga deputy director for out
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standing service from 1999 to 2015 >> thanks igist wanted to [inaudible] we have gotten to know each other over the last few years in the presidio project. my biggest memory is riding together at 5 a.m. on that monday when it opened up, the first path and hopefully we'll do it together in a few weeks early in the morning. you have been one of those people i have gotten to know in city government that is salt of the earth and amazing professional at what you do and also great to work with. you had a ton orphsuccess with the presidio parkway project and if t hasn't been easy. i know what an amazing person you are to work with ask thank you for all your service and getting to know you and your rich history
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[inaudible] i want to say thank you on behalf of all of us and district 2 and presidio parkway >> thank you. commissioner compose >> thank you mr. chairman. i won't belabor the point other than to say i'm grateful this agency had lee for so many years. i guess maybe it takes a jet pilot to navigate the county transportation authority in san francisco and all the challengesthality come with that especially when can it come tooz capital project. i appreciate the responsiveness and thuryness and professionalism. thank you for your service and god speed with your next endeavors >> thank you very much. is there public comment on items 3 or 9?
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>> commissioner avalos, >> i also wanted to say thank you and congratulations on your great service. just as chair last year last couple years i was able to see how much you were valued by the transportation authority and what mark you left on san francisco as well and that is something that will never go away and think the presidio parkway and what is being done there is remarkable and that is a big part oaf your achievement brought to the city and to the region so congratulations and i wish you all the best and hopefully we get to see more of you as well >> thank you. seeing no ort names, is there public comment on item 3 or 9? seeing none public comment is closed. we do have a certificate of accommodation for lee and perhaps can do a photo for any members who would like to join in. come
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on up. okay, will you call
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item number 4? >> item 4 executive directors report, this is a information item >> mrs. chang >> good morning chair wiener [inaudible] last week i was prevologed to join the
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city trip dc with san francisco chamber of commerce to adhaveicate for transportation policy on a transporpation bill. the news from washington is brighter than 2 weeks ago. senator boxer said her committee will be marking up a bill with chair [inaudible] in june and that hopefully will set up a 2 month cycle and perhaps avoid another 6 month extension as some in congress have talked about to get to the long term bill that allows all of us to have a certainty to rely on transportation. 24 governor announced the may revice oof the budget and incancluded an significant increase in cap and trade revenues. this was reviceed from 1 billion to 2.2 billion and typically 60 percent of that money is for
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transportation so he bumped that up to 73 percent including 100 million dollars for transit operations, 265 million for capital improvement and 200 million for affordable housing and additional funding for high speed rail, about 500 million dollars. this is a increase over last year and continue to advocate for san franciscos priorities as the funds are allocated. high speed rail authority and cal train have worked on compatibility analysis which will be present today the [inaudible] on may 20. we'll be there in support of that work shop and also invited the staff member tooz present to the citizens advisory committee at the end of may. the really important topic and we have been unified and
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pressing for compatible solution so we can make the most and optimize at the local and state levels for the critical corridor for the region. plan bay area held the san francisco open house kick off and very much appreciate commissioner mar for attending the event thmpt open house was designed to introduce the public to the planning process and connection to the san francisco transportation plan and now have a process for updating the lists of projects which is due at the end of sept. these will reflect previous priorities [inaudible] we will be working with aejss staff to update the list jz select new ones to include in the plan and member thofz public i r welcome to submit [inaudible] we will also present on plan
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bay area 2040 with mtc and others at the junes plans and programs committee. vision zero held a budget meeting last month and want to recognize the great work of sfmta and agencies that participated in that to give a preview of proposition a and b. they are putting that funding to work and we'll continue with the vision zero hearings this month scheduled for may 21 at 3 p.m. here in city ahall. a topic of that proseentation is education and outreach [inaudible] supervisor yee [inaudible] on school transportation we ubnob naincluding the san francisco unified school district to shine a light on
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the need for scol transportationt. we find that transit is accounting for half of middle and high school trips and a quarter of elementary and the hope is we can better understand those needs and how to address them in particularly hearing from parents. parents make a challengingition kwhere wl it is for affordability reasons or travel times transit is working for some, but not all and hope throw supporting commissioner tang we will be more responsive and address public and private school student needs. on the geary rapid transit project. -there is a commitment at the highsh level to seeing the project through. we were pleased in the senate finance committee we did see funding support for van ness brt [inaudible]
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150 million for central subway project. geary is right on the heels of van ness and following the environmental work and in anticipation mta plans to bring in prop k sales tax request fwra the near [inaudible] improvements and full [inaudible] in just a couple months. in terms of neighborhood planning in china town, outreach was held last month. we were pleased working with commissioner christensens office to incorporate stack holdser out reach to china town community low the china town trip project and neighborhood association. we'll provide more final report information on that study in the next month in coordination with
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the other agencies sfmta and planning department. there is a host of opportunities to improve broadway and kearny and the raisk of north south and east west streets that will provide better access. the west side transit access makes progress and make opportunity to organize community input through focus group jz also work on the rest nof neighborhood transportation improvement program. district 9, the almeady [inaudible] will come in for funding this round in the may and june borebd psychosqul continue to also work together on the district 10 and 6 and i believe 11 proposals as well. we didn't cover doil drive and it will be a traffic switch. the traffic switch for doil drive is a huge mile stone. if
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you haven't received invitations to that ceremony to celebrate on june 1. we have a closure that will proceed that from fry day may 20th to june first so stay tune for that and presidio park way dot org is a great place for information. the boarding islands from at balboa park on the [inaudible] have finally been opened. sfmta opened the elevated bording platform [inaudible] this is a bill mile stone and a appreciatement that is a community dream and kbole to operateers as well. everyone will be very much better off in terms of the safety of that platform and the
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ability to have inficient operations so we are pleased this part of the light rail track has come to froition. 9th street we have a pavement project that made progress and mu calster as well by uc hasteings college of law so we are pleased with the mile stones. folks can come to sf [inaudible] or visit the my street i'll thank deputys for finance and administration and planning. senth ia [inaudible] and david [inaudible] who led a freeway quarter out reach bidders meeting. there was a lot of strong interest from the industry that looks at efficiency and productivity for the phase 2 study that
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is beginning this summer we received interest from 20 firms. with that i conclude my remarks. thank you >> thank you very much. culeyings any questions or comment on the executive director report? seeing none is fl public comment on item 4? seeing none public comment is closed. please call item number 5 >> adopt [inaudible] on state legislation. this is a action item >> are there comments or questions on item 5? seeing none, had is there public comment on item 5? public comment is closed and the house changed so if you will call the roll >> 5, avalos, aye. breed aye. campos, aye. christensen, aye. cohen,
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aye. farrell, aye. kim, absent. mar, aye. tang, aye. wiener, aye. yee, aye. the item passes >> item 6 >> authorize executive director to replace the transportation paper program [inaudible] up to 140 million for state street public landing corporation entering the alterinate [inaudible] take all necessary related actions and negotiate the agreement terms and non material terms and conditions. this is a action item >> is there comments or questions on item 6? seeing none, is there public comment on item 6? seeing none public comment is closed and colleagues can we take item 6 same house same call? without objection that is
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the order. also can we have a motion to excuse commissioner kim? >> so moved >> moved by commissioner compose and second by commissioner breed. without objection commissioner kim is excused. item number 7. >> item 7, appoint john morrison and wells witney to citizen advisory committee. this is a action item >>gy questions or comments regarding 7? sying none, is there public comment? seeing none public comment is closed. can we take item 7 same house and call? without objection that is the order. item 8 >> allocate 773 thousand nob naappropriate in prop cay funds subject to [inaudible] this is a action item >> any question or comments on item number 8? seeing
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none we'll move to public comment. is there public comment on item 8? seeing none public comment is closed. can we take item 8 same house and call? without objection that is the order . item 9 we already called and addressed. item number 10 >> item 10 interdugz to new items, there is a nrgz item >> are there new items for introduction or public comment on item 10? seeing none public comment is closed. item number 11 >> public comment >> is there general public comment, please come forward? rkss edward mason-the transportation authority obligate #d 75 thousand dollars for analysis of commuter buses and shuttles and that migrate today the mta for a 18 month pilot
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study mpt 9 months into the study we still continue to experience violation. some operators discharge passengers outside the stops. this red broken light is from a double deck bus colliding with a muni key stop disabled ramp. muni engineers accommodate the geography and geometry when they figure out the routes and that is why the 39 quoit tower doesn't operate 60 foot articulated buses. i strongly recommend that there be a revival of the cal trans regional express bus plan done over 10 years ago for utilizing park and ride lots and remove the large vehicles from the narrow neighborhood streets. it is my understanding that mtc is starting to nishiate movement in that area and i would
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encourage it to minimize the impact on the neighborhoods on the narrow streets. again, i can't believe this happened and i picked up the pieces after seeing it occur at 24th and church so i can only say this is a example of what needs to be corrected. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. is there any additional general public comment? seeing none public comment is closed. item number 12 >> item 12, aadjournment. we are adjourned. thank you very much.
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